3209 Tube well Drivers will be given appointment letter tomorrow (09.12.2020)

The Chief Minister has made a good provision for the farmers, so that the farmers will not have to face the problem of irrigation. Appointment of Tube well drivers will provide considerable relief to the farmers and they will get more facility in agriculture.

Farmers will get the most of benefits from the appointment of Tube well drivers. The Chief Minister will be appoint 3209 Tube well drivers on tomorrow (09.12.2020), in this recruitment there will be 516 Tube Well drivers will be ladies. 

Due to the many problems in Agriculture work, Chief Minister has released these posts to provide relief for farmers in their work.By these recruitment, maintenance of the Tube well will be better in the near by future and farmers get proper water for their agriculture work. 

If any kind of problem will be happen in the Tube well then it will be easy to maintain them by the help of Tube well operators. Before these recruitment, there was the rule to operate 4 Tube well's by one worker and this is very hard and time consuming. Irrigation Department runs 34,401 Tube well's and for this it has approved 9198 Tube well operators. Currently, there was only 9198 Tube well operator working and due to this department requires more worker. 

Now to solve this problem, state government has recruit Tube well operator and this will help the farmers in good way also.