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Is it worth to start a health category blog and earn through Adsense?

Hello Friends, Are you working in Google Adsense and running it on your Blog and did not sure which market or niche is best for your blog then i will help you to find the right Market or Niche for you. To start earning money from Google Adsense, You will need to choose right Market or Niche for your content and this will give you the proper CPC and earning from Google Adsense. Many people ask that, Which Market or Niche provide good CPC (Cost Per Click) in Google Adsense? Then it's totally depends upon the advertiser, who are bidding on those advertisements and if there will be high competition and profitable Niche then there is no doubt that you will get the good CPC and Health related category comes under the same thing. Let's explore more about it, you will earn money from Google Adsense according to the CPC rate you are getting and it's depend upon the market you have choose for your blog. If you have choose Market or Niche which has low CPC just like work at home, earn