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Best Guide for Newbie Bloggers 2021

If you are choosing to become a blogger, you are in right place to go on before you start. There are numerous bloggers all over the world but some of them use the best strategies to become a brand of their blogging. They make more money when comparing to normal bloggers and it’s all about the strategy they work around. Here we are presenting you with the best ever strategy to become an expert blogger and turn your free time into profit. ·          Strong Foundation - Always pay attention to build a strong foundation in blogging. Be specific and dedicated to writing. You will need to be very focus and clear about writing any topic, which depends upon your niche or market. Don’t write any other thing in one specific post, because this will be very harmful for your blog and your readers may stop coming to your blog. Your rank may also decrease in Google and this will make a huge impact on your traffic also. As you already know, organic traffic is very important for any blog to make mo

How to Start a Blog With WordPress: 2020-21

Everyone wants to be a blogger in the online world to make money but before starting it out, you will need a blogging platform and WordPress is best for everyone. In my today's post, I will describe to you the installation and working on WordPress. 1.Pick a Domain ‌The first and foremost step you have to take is that you need a Domain, you need to purchase it wherever you want depends upon your budget we provide some examples of the budget price here .com for Rs.199/-, .in for Rs.149/-. We always recommend you purchase a top_level Domain so that your website can be open using the domain instead of the IP address. Where you find a domain there are so many websites on the Google search engine but we recommend a website that helps you to purchase different Domains at different prices https: DOMAIN.COM.Hope you will get benefit from this. ‌2.Hosting Registration ‌The second step is you have to do complete hosting registration, one thing we will clear here the definition of Hosting and

Best Working Platform for Bloggers: A Great Learning Guide

If you want to earn money through Blogging then the biggest question, which will come to your mind will be, Which is the best, safe and easy platform for Blogging? This is the most common question, which generally comes into every new blogger's mind. In this post, I will help you to learn more regarding the best working blogging platform for you. I will describe some of the best and easy-to-use Blogging Platforms, which works great for both, newbie and advance.  Every Blogging Platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, but here are some of the basic features which every Good Blogging Platform should have-: Customize the theme as per your choice. It also has the feature to add your own logo to the blog. You can also add your Own Custom Domain Name. Your Visitors or Users can easily Subscribe for Latest Updates. One of the most important things, It allows Google Adsense Codes to display ads in your blog. You can also have the option to share your content on Social Media Easil