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10 Lakh Crores Drowned in 24 Hours of Crypto Investors: A Heavy Damage in Financial Market

The past 24 hours are very bad for Crypto Investors. Worldwide Crypto Investors have lost their 10 Lakh Crores in the past 24 hours, Which is a great Financial Damage. The price of BitCoin has been down near about 7%, which is a heavy damage to the financial market and investors also. On 18 Feb 2022, the higher level of BitCoin was Rs.33,97,666/Unit, which was down up to the level of Rs.31,48,618/Unit. BitCoin's price has been down by Rs.2.50 Lakh. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made his statement clear regarding the BitCoin, "It's not a currency and never try to understand it any kind of Property, They will be going to Ban it very soon". So, it's our personal advice to the investors that don't invest their valuable money in Crypto Currency.