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Click Chemistry Noble Prize 2022- Morten P. Meldal, Carolyn R. Bertozzi and Karl Barry Sharpless

Noble Prize in the field of Chemistry was given to the 3 scientists. Which are Denmark's Morten P. Meldal, America's Stanford University Carolyn R. Bertozzi and Karl Barry Sharpless. All these scientists have done great work in the field of Click Chemistry and Bioorthogonal chemistry. On Wednesday (05/10/2022), The Royal Swedish Academy Of Sciences' names has been announced in Stockholm. Use of Click Chemistry-  Click Chemistry is basically a process of adding the same nature of small molecules, which is basically called Bioconjugation. Click Chemistry and Bioorthogonal chemistry will be used to create the molecules in the human body for good health in the future. Click Chemistry will also be useful in the treatment of Cancer and in making changes in the DNA. This will solve most problems of your life. Basic Overview of the Scientists (i) Morten P. Meldal 67 yrs old Morten P. Meldal is mostly known for click reaction. He has developed many techniques in peptide and combin