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How to Start a Blog With WordPress: 2020-21

Everyone wants to be a blogger in the online world to make money but before starting it out, you will need a blogging platform and WordPress is best for everyone. In my today's post, I will describe to you the installation and working on WordPress. 1.Pick a Domain ‌The first and foremost step you have to take is that you need a Domain, you need to purchase it wherever you want depends upon your budget we provide some examples of the budget price here .com for Rs.199/-, .in for Rs.149/-. We always recommend you purchase a top_level Domain so that your website can be open using the domain instead of the IP address. Where you find a domain there are so many websites on the Google search engine but we recommend a website that helps you to purchase different Domains at different prices https: DOMAIN.COM.Hope you will get benefit from this. ‌2.Hosting Registration ‌The second step is you have to do complete hosting registration, one thing we will clear here the definition of Hosting and