7 Best Keyword Research Tools for Boost Your SEO Performance in 2020-21

As you know SEO is an important part of any blogger and Keywords plays a very important role in that. If you have a good number of keywords with proper adjustment in the content then you will get a good amount of traffic from Google and Organic traffic converts very well into sell or any PPC advertising, which you are using on your blog or a site like Adsense. 

Here is the list of 7 Best Keyword Research Tool for better ranking in Search Engines-:

2.) KWFinder
3.) Answer the public
4.) LongTailpro
5.) SpyFU
6.) Google Keywords Planner
7.) Keyword Surfer

 Keyword Also plays a major role in ranking Just like other important parts such as ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, Content Writing. Once you will get all these important factors for your site or blog then you will easily start getting traffic from Google, Bing, and many other small search engines, and as I told you before that search traffic is very important for any site. 

There are many website owners that pay thousands of rupees every month just for keyword research and content marketing. Because it's very important. But don't worry, You don't need to invest such an amount, You will just need to follow my direction and you can ready to start your own organic traffic generating method for the future. 

You will need to do proper research before selecting the keyword for your blog or site to check which one will be best for you. If you are new to this then don't worry these tools provide full support with step by step details to start finding the best keywords for your blog or site.

There are lots of formats available for finding the best keywords but in general, there are 2 basic forms available for finding the best keywords-:

1.) Basic Keyword Research- Make use of Seed keywords for finding the best and profitable keywords for your site or blog.
2.) Competitor Based Keyword Research- Finding the best keywords, which are helping another website for getting traffic from search engines.

I would recommend you to use Competitor based keyword research because it's work much better. If you know which one is already working for any other site or blog then you can simply apply it to your blog or site. This is much better than Basic Keyword Research. 

After getting the keywords for your article or post, you will simply need to write powerful content with your targeting keywords and let the visitors come to your site in an organic way.

So, let's start to review the tools which I have mention above-:


The easiest keyword research tool in the world is SEMRUSH. It provides you keyword researching in many different ways. Some of them are

a.)Searching keyword using Seed Keyword
b.)Searching for those keywords, providing traffic to other websites or blogs.
c.)keyword gap analysis

One of the simple things about it, you can find complete data by entering your simple website link. You just need to enter your website or your competitor's website and it will show you the complete data with the keywords that are ranking for the website or blog in Google, Bing, or other search engines. 

You will also get the Complete keyword data, the monthly search volume of that keyword, keyword difficulty level, CPC for the PPC, etc.

It also has a keyword suggestion feature. In this, it shows keywords variations, related keywords. This will help you to get more search ideas regarding the keywords. This is very useful for longtail keywords, which are very useful for targeting low competition traffic. You will easily get the following data-:

  • Traffic volume of the keywords.
  • Difficulty score of the keywords.
  • Accurate Search Engine Report.
  • CPC of Adsense (Which is very useful for Adsense Publisher)
  • and many other important details, which every blogger should know regarding keywords.
You can also sort out the keyword list based on the difficulty score, this will help new bloggers to check out the competition level of that keyword and they can easily find low competition keywords. 

Keyword Manager: This will help you to add the keywords listwise and check out the updated data. It will help you to manage keywords better when you are finding the best profitable keywords online.

Keyword Difficulty Tool: This will help you to analyze the difficult score of any keywords.

Backlink Analysis-: This will help you a lot to get a good rank in Google by searching for the best backlinks for your site or blog.

2.KW Finder

If you want to focus on keyword research only then the KW Finder tool is just for you. Presently they are new to the SEO market but still have lots of features that every blogger needs to rank their website in Google. It will help you to get a number of targeted visitors to your site or blog. You can easily find long-tail keywords by question-based option. 

In the general form, every blogger already knows that problem-solving content is very useful for driving traffic to their blog or site. This is very convertible for any kind of product or service. 

They provide both paid and free versions for their users. But if you want to give it a try then you can take a trial version free of charge for 10 days.

3.) Anwer the Public

If you are looking for a free keyword research tool then Answer the public is the best tool for you. This keyword will help you find the best long-tail keywords as per your requirement. You can search the keywords on the basis of your seed keywords.

You will notice the keywords in different range-:
  • Questions
  • Preposition
  • Comparisons
You can search 3 keywords daily in free plan and that's really great for anyone, who is searching for keywords in free plan. You can also search your keywords according to your country and language. You will only miss out keyword volume and this is not so much important for you.
4.) LongTailpro

LongTailPro is actually cloud based software service for searching keywords and also very popular in all of the keywords services. This is actually a paid service, which provide good keywords for your niche site or blog. They have premium service also and you can find amazing keywords in this service with detail analysis features. You can also check the competition list, that's makes it more better to choose the proper keywords for your site or blog.

5.) SpyFU

SpyFU is one of the best SEO optimization software available in the online world. Lots of bloggers already taking benefits from it and you can too find the best keywords with it. If you want to stay forward from your competitors always then SpyFU is best for you. This will help you a lot in understanding your competitor's SEO platform. This will help you find under-served markets easily. 

You can compare website's module with other through SpyFU. You can also search keyword History module through it and you can also get domain history module and related keyword module. The only thing you will miss is depth of keywords feature, which most of the competitors use and they provide data on monthly basis not real time. 

They offers 2 kind of plans. The basic plans will cost you $79 and $99 Monthly (You will get a discount of 40%, if you buy the membership for one month). The second plan, which is known as "Agency Plan" will cost you $999/Monthly.

If you want to find out the competition level of market and new sectors of market then SpyFU is definitely great for you. 

6.) Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords Planner one of the best and widely using tool over the internet and it's free of charge. The most common reason of it's popularity is it's 100% free and directly connected with Google Adwords. One of the best feature about it, that it's provide brief information regarding with keywords because of Google Search Data. As you know, Google is the number one search engine on the internet, that's why it's trustable and all data is accurate. 

Only one thing you will miss out here, If you want to check how your site is doing on other search engines likes Bing, Yahoo and other small search engines then it will not support. 

7.) Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is actually a extension of Google Chrome browser. You can use it to check the keyword volume and CPC directly from the search engine. This extension made by SurferSEO, This is also a good SEO Tool. This tool work automatically by discovering new search queries. This tool is also very good for SEO Campaign purpose and works perfectly for all bloggers.

So guys, These are the list of 7 best keyword research tool, Which works fine for every blogger and really bring organic traffic according to your market.