9 Top Tips to Bring Traffic from Instagram

If you are a Blog Owner or Blog Writer, then you already know the importance of Quality Visitors, and organic/social traffic is very important for any website or blog. There are lots of social media Platforms to start getting regular traffic to your website or blog and one of them is Instagram. In our today's post/article, We'll discuss several ways to get more traffic to your site or blog through Instagram.
Instagram is all about the Followers just like Facebook, If you have a good number of followers/fans in your account then you will naturally get good visits or you will need to gain new followers in your Instagram account to start getting more traffic for your blog or website.

Most of the users only focus on Facebook or Twitter for traffic/visitors, and they think Instagram has a very low amount of visitors per day, But did you know Instagram has more than 500 Million+ daily visitors on there page, and it's very good for any blog or site. India features a second-place on Instagram consistent with its users. It's come to 2nd rank in visitors after Facebook.

Instagram has a large number of active visitors every day that can surely improve your blog's traffic. They want their users to spend many time on their site and keep engaged with them. Let's start the tips/tricks to start gaining more visits from your Instagram Account-:

1.) Update Your Instagram Profile

Your profile is the primary section, where users observe when they will check out your page. You will need to focus on the service or product you are promoting/advertising by linking it here. But, a Profile page is not just for the promotion/advertising of products or services offered by you, It's a page where people get complete personal information about you and your background or services.

Always include your keywords in your Profile Page to form it easy to seek out for your visitors or users. Try to add keywords in your profile name. This will make it clear easily to the users about your products or services. You can also add information about products or services on your Bio page. You can also use Emoji or Symbols to form it attractive. You can also use Hashtags. Peoples on social media like any information in the form of emojis and other creative ways.

2.) Using the Proper Hashtags

If you add specific Hashtags, which are associated with your products or service then you'll get targeted visitors easily. Visitors can easily get in touch with you with the proper/correct Hashtag. They will find you in their feed update through your Hashtags. So, This will help you increase your engagement and also improve your visitor's ration of visiting your site or blog. This will make good improvements in your business.

There are lots of tools also available for generating good Hashtags like Tailwind, Social Info, etc.

3.) Make Posts with Images

Instagram users like Infographic posts like other social media platform. Users get an attraction once they see any image with the link and simply get the thought regarding the merchandise or service. Instagram also like these quite posts and make them on the highest of their feed stories. As you recognize , Instagram already shows images more clearly then normal posts. Visitors also like to share their person opinion on these quite infographic posts, they makes them easy to write down up and study content on the blog or the bio page.

Never forget, Always focus your mind on quality content+ HD images= Infographic posts. Works best on Instagram.

4.) Post Videos on Instagram with the Posts

You can share up to 60 seconds long videos in your posts on Instagram. The preview of those videos are going to be shown on the users feed and stories a bit like normal posts. Videos also give more detail information about your product or services.

You can share your personal review videos or make them through any software then you'll upload it with the posts at Instagram. this may give more boost to your content at Instagram.

5.) Use Attractive Posts to urge Visitors Easily

Everyone at this point love attractive and artistic content, nobody want to read out boring or long content with none useful information. Instagram also provide its users the attractive stickers which are very useful for creating new visitors.

To make your visitors keep connected with you usually , you only got to follow a number of the straightforward steps a bit like asking creative and interesting questions, making polls or asking interesting things about the posts and much more.

You can also add promotional stories or creative one to stay your users connected with you. By doing this, you're getting to connect your users directly together with your brand or service you're providing.

6.) Make use of Story Highlights for Promoting your Products/Services

This is also an honest feature of Instagram, Story Highlights appear on your bio page slightly below the profile and it'll even stay alive after ending up the first story. this will work as a listing to market your product or service and works far better for your incoming visitors.

For example, If you're a affiliate then you'll show your best paying products within the story highlights. By doing this, users will directly undergo the link you're promoting and if they buy the merchandise then you'll get the commission directly into your affiliate account.

This is an honest choice to get more visits to your site or blog and each blogger or affiliate marketer should apply this to urge far more visits.

7.) Using Micro Blogging on Instagram

Actually, Instagram may be a photo sharing platform and its work better then content also. But its work better once you add some content with the image you'll increase the Instagram. you'll work on Instagram a bit like Micro Blogging Sites and that is working great even for beginners.

This will make users to stay connecting together with your profile. they're going to connect with one another by doing comments on your posts and this may also provides a boost for your post on Instagram.

8.) By Writing or Sharing Quotes

Nowadays, Peoples like to read quotes on different topics and also they share them to their friends and relatives. you're running a site or blog, Affiliate Link, the other product or service, Sharing Quotes works fine for each sort of business. So, with none doubt you'll share quotes together with your promotional link therein quotes.

9.) Get Click for Your Link through Your Profile Page

As you recognize Instagram doesn't allow direct link promotion so you'll advertise your profile page and customers or users can visit the link through your profile page. you'll tell them in caption to go to your profile page and this may bring visitors to your bio page then they're going to get the link to your site or business.


Instagram is extremely popular among the young generation. So, do not forget to feature it into your Social Media Promotion for better response. of these tips will surely assist you to enhance your promotional efforts.


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