How to Become Successful Freelancer

The great thing about starting freelancing is being your own boss and there is no presser of working under in any other person. Everyone wants to make good income without any presser of seniors. And the most important thing is that you shouldn’t need any kind of experience to become an expert freelancer. Freelancer itself gives you lots of experience and money. This will give you a bright future and lots of work without going anywhere else. You can complete those entire task or project from the comfort of your home.

In my today’s post, I will share some of the basic info which you should need to be successful in Freelancer work. We are here to discuss some fruitful things which help you to be an expert freelancer. So without any delay, let’s start. Firstly, you need to have the necessary things as follows:

Active Email Address & Mobile Number:

An active mail address and mobile number are a must to create and handle a freelance account and you need to be very responsive with your clients. E-mail address and mobile number provides you timely update of your account, any new project update, messages alert and much other stuff in a timely manner. So, if you did not added your mobile number yet in the Freelancer account than go ahead and add your mobile number for all the latest updates regularly.

PayPal Account:

Do have a PayPal account for your transactions. If you don’t have an account, create a new PayPal account right now. You can sign up for a free Paypal account and verify your financial details such as PAN card, Bank details etc. to withdraw your earning easily in Paypal and after that you can withdraw it to your local bank account. In India, you will need to update your PAN, Aadhar card details to your Paypal account.


Patience is the key for success in any field of life and it’s applied to the freelancer work also. It’s a must to be patient while you are going to be an expert in freelance. Because it will take some time to become an expert in Freelancer and achieve some good experience. You should be patient to gain a project in freelance; after completing it one by one, you will get good number of positive reviews and good rank also. Once you get with the help of reviews you can gain the trust of the clients and projects too.

Motivation & Strong Desire:

Self-motivation is the most vital thing a freelancer needs to have to achieve success easily. Freelancing is a self-employment job or business and you have to motivate yourself to give your 100% efforts in this job/business. You also need to have a strong desire to become a successful freelancer as you can make money from your home itself. You can motivate yourself from other top rated Freelancers also. Many top rated Freelancers earn more than Rs.45,000 monthly from Freelancer projects and you will be the next too.

Starting with Low Bid or Fees:

To become expert freelancer in the future, you will need to keep your fees or charges very low in the starting. After getting some positive reviews and ranking, you can increase your fees or charges. Most of the companies doing this math from a long time and this is also working good for them.

Choose project relevant to your Skills

This is very important to choose the project, which is relevant to your skills and you can easily manage it and complete it in a timely manner. If you don’t choose the project relevant to your skills or qualification than you will be unable to complete it in the last and you will lose the project with the bad ranking and employer also gives you negative reviews. As you already know, negative ranking is very harmful for any freelance worker.

Therefore patience, motivation, and strong desire take you to the peak position in the freelance field. The better you perform, the more chances you will get to complete more projects and this will give you more opportunity to make money through Freelancer projects in the future.

In the present time, you will find lots of competition in Freelancer platform but there are still positions available for new workers, but you must have good talent and dedication to your work and passion about the freelancer projects. If you don’t have any good skill or talent than you can try basic and simple projects such as typing, conversion, pdf to word and much other typing related work and after gaining some experience, you can go for good level projects also.

Update your profile with attractive information and skills

Every employer visit your profile before giving you any kind of project and it’s make a great impact of your profile on the employer’s mind. So, before setting up your profile always make sure to make it more professional and attractive and update all of your skills including your experience also. Add your professional photo and other relevant knowledge regarding your working field like IT/ Software/ Typing/ HTML/ Programming or any other.

Complete your starting project as fast as possible

Every employer needs their project to be completed within the given deadline and if they get their projects before the deadline then there will be 99% chance that they will give you positive review and release the milestone payment also. You can take the help of Google to find out the information for any new project and complete it as soon as possible but don’t copy the entire project from Google because this will be called duplicate content or employer may reject you for this reason.

Add some bonus work in starting

If you want to achieve good rank and positive reviews fast then you can also give some bonus work to your employers and this will make them more satisfied with your work. For example, if you are doing typing related work and employer ask for minimum 200 words then you can write an article for up to 220 words or more and this will make a good impression on the employer. You can do this in all types of projects as per your skill or talent.

Finally, these are some of the great tips and tricks to keep yourself updated and make more income in Freelancer by working as part time or full time. Spend more time in Freelancer and you will get more powerful knowledge for getting more income every day.