SEO Tips and Tricks for Better Ranking in 2020-21

SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization and Every webmaster knows the importance of SEO and Social Marketing. There are lots of tools available on the internet, Some of them are free and some of them are paid to provide good support regarding SEO. Its divide into two categories, one is On-Page SEO and the second is Off-page SEO. Both are very important for any website ranking in Search Engine. For a better ranking, you will need to work hard on both of these.

There are millions of search happen in Google just for the knowledge of SEO and lots of webmasters also wants to learn about it. The search Engine process is very critical nowadays and it's very difficult to achieve a good rank in Google just by writing content. You have to focus on Backlinks, Quality Content (Quality content means your content should be written by yourself and you did not copy it from any website or webpage), and many other factors. 

More than 90% of activities have been belonging to search engines and Google is one of the primary sources for people for any kind of search activity. That is the main reason for every business person who has a website or blog on the internet needs to stay up-to-date with the latest updates to keeping their rank high on Google.

In this post, We'll discuss some of the important tips and tricks about SEO 2020-21.

1.) Try to make your website Lite or Easy to Load

Website speed is one of the most important factors that affect any site's ranking in Google. Google using this math for SEO purposes since 2010 and most of the good webmasters already know about it. Most internet users expect that a webpage load within 2-3 seconds and if any page fails to load they exit or close the window. This shows that the speed of any website is very important not just for search engines but also for the visitors to that site.

There are some of the important parts of your site, which makes your site works very slow. The first of them are images, So try to reduce your image size as much as possible to makes your site work faster. But only images can not make any site slow, Check some other elements also. Check unnecessary scripts on your site, which makes your site down. 

Try to enable browser cache for making your site work fast because if the cache will store in the user's computer then in the future when the visitors return to your site, it will load faster. 

Remove any unnecessary plugins from your site or blog, which is making your site or blog slow. There are many plugins available on the internet that webmasters by mistake use them for their website and it makes it slow.

One more thing, Sometimes user face page speed problem due to internet speed. So, you don't need to worry about that because this is a technical issue that is not related to page speed. 

2.) Make Your Site Safe With HTTPS

One of the most important tips for SEO is to make your site safe by converting it to HTTPS. HTTPS is the best and safe version of any webpage. HTTPS works along with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to exchange information in advance and safe way. HTTPS simply encrypts the Data and not allowed it to transfer or corrupt in any other way or person. This will provide more safety for your site visitors.

One of the positive points of HTTPS is Google also preferred HTTPS enable sites because of their safety and security to their users. Google wants to provide always a safe experience to its users. You will also get an accurate report regarding your site traffic in Google Analytics. After switching your domain to HTTPS, you will get the exact data about your visitors to know how they come to your site. 

3.) Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google love to have a mobile-friendly version of any site and it also makes any website or blog search engine friendly. Google always gives priority to the mobile version website or blogs first in its search index listing. More than 55% of traffic is coming from Mobile devices so it's very important to have a mobile version of any site. Mobile-friendly content makes it easy to read for mobile users. Mobile pages are easy to scroll and loads faster.

4.) Write Easy and User-Friendly Content

Make your content easy and human-readable. If you want that visitors keep visiting your site or blog on regular basis and love reading your content then you will need to write human-friendly content to keep an engagement with the users for a long time. 

Write short lines and paragraphs, so users find useful things in your blog and don't feel bored when reading out the content in your blog. Use points and numbers for important lines and paragraphs. 

Use good quality images within your content to make it more beautiful and unique. Images must be related to that paragraph and topic, so users get the exact idea about your blog easily. 

The beginning of every content is the most important key to keep any users reading the whole article or post easily. if your starting content is bad and not well written then visitors will leave your site or blog after reading 2-3 lines only. So, never made this mistake for your content. Always remember that "Content is the King".

5.) Making SEO Friendly Content and Useful Content

Content Marketing plays a very important role in the ranking of any site or blog. Content Marketing is not just about the keywords or meta tags, it's all about the connection between you and your readers in the future for your blog. That's why it's very important for any blog or site.

Before writing for any kind of content or post, You should collect information or do some research and then start writing your post. Your content is always more than users expectation to provide them useful content at high lelvl. If you need good rank in Google than your content must be long, high quality with proper format and valuable links. 

If you think that, you will write 500-700 words article for search engine than it's happen long time back, Now you will need to write more than 1000-1500 or so long rich post with keep your users in touch with your content or post. This is also a challenging part that writing long article or post without doing keyword stuffing and keep it interesting for your visitors. 

One more thing about the content is how fresh is your article or post is. Search engines like Google always love those sites, who update their content on daily basis with fresh information.By creating regular content you are helping your site to index in Google more fast with Good Rank.

6.) Importance of Social Media

This is also very important for a blog owner or website owner to have social presence also for their website or blog. Social Media is a very important part of SEO strategy in today's time. If you have social media profile like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram than your profile will also shows in Google Search and that's add more value to your blog or site. Users easily get in touch with your blog through your Social media profile links.

That's why, it's very important to make your social media profile and link to your blog or site. This will generate more traffic and also improve your search ranking. The more actively your blog is present on these social media platforms, the more better ranking you will get in the future.

7.) Using Long tail keywords

Using Long tail keywords for your content is one the best and simple trick for your SEO Strategy. Long tail keywords are those keywords, which are longer than common keywords used for search any query in Google and webmasters also use than because of their low competition and high search ratio. 

Most of the important thing about these keywords is they bring relevant traffic, which converts very well for any product or service. one more thing if your keywords are targeted and broad then you will need to face low competition in search engines and as you know every webmasters want to receive high traffic for their site or blog and low competition. 

If you will works on Long tail keywords more then you will get good rank in these keywords easily and all the traffic will be convertible. Because for every new site or blog its very hard to get any rank in Google, So its very important to focus on these long tail keywords. 

So these are some of the awesome tips and tricks to improve your SEO ranking. These tips works for both (Beginner and advance) in the same way. I hope you like this post and I will update more informative and fresh content in the future as soon as possible. If you have any query or doubt than feel free to contact me or leave your comments below. 


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