Using Your Own Name for Domain Name: Advantages & Disadvantages

Using Your Own Name for Domain Name: Advantages & DisadvantagesAdd caption

Using Your Own Name for Domain Name: Advantages & Disadvantages

If you want to make money in Blogging, You will need to buy a domain name with Hosting Pack and If you want to save your money then you can use the Free Hosting Package provided by Blogger (Powered by Google). But, Before starting you will need to think about the domain name as per your market or niche you have chosen for your blog.

If you are an advanced blogger, you will still need to think about this question twice before choosing any domain name for your website or blog because it's your long-time investment. You are going to drive traffic, keyword research, content writing, and making money through Blogging. 

Many peoples have this question in their mind that, Can we use our personal name as our domain name? This method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this post, I'll describe both and you can easily get the idea about choosing your Domain Name properly.

So first we will talk about the advantages of using your own name as the domain name-:

1. For Making Your Name as a Brand-: Everyone loves their name and they like to become successful in the future and want to be successful by their name and this is very unique for everyone. You can simply mix up your niche name and your personal name to make your domain name and make it a brand and if it will be successful in the future then it will gain publicity faster. Example- AmitTechnical, HarshWorld, HealthyPoojaWorld, and so on. 

There are lots of Bloggers in the internet world, who use their personal name and niche name for making their domain name and it really works for them and still working. This formula continues to be working if you passionate about blogging and writing. By doing this you are establishing yourself as a Brand Name.

2. Works Perfect for Resume/CV Based Blog or Website-: Every website or blog has it's own unique impression to its visitors and everything based upon the content the web owner or blog owner upload to their website or blog. While making any freelancer, Resume, CV, or Blogging type website most people try to figure out their own name with the domain name. 

3. Improve Your Confidence Level-: This will make your confidence level double because you are just writing about your own brand name and everything is going around your name. Everyone wants his/her name to become famous as a brand that gives you the way to do this. You will gain more energy to write more content for your blog or website and as you already know that more content means more search engine traffic and that organic traffic will convert into money by your service or products you are offering.

Okay, Now We'll talk about the Disadvantages of using your own name as a Domain Name-:

1. Spelling Problem-: Whenever you visit any blog or site, you try to remember it by its short name and if it's short and common then you will easily remember it for future use and if you will visit any blog or site that contains any personal name like HarshAgarwal then it will very difficult for you to remember and new visitor also feel it hard to spell easily.

When any new visitors try to visit any personal name blog through mobile or any other pc then they will feel hard to spell again and that makes a negative impression for a personal name blogger.

2. Re-Selling Problem-: You can not sell a personal name blogger easily. When you want to change your business or want to connect with any other market then you will find it very difficult to sell your personal name domain again. When you try to sell it to any other party then they will prefer a business or brand name, not a personal name. 

So guys, using your personal name with the mix up of your niche or market is not a bad idea but only when you are thinking about personal blogging or a personal diary based website not for business. Because there will be no surety of success if you use a personal name with a domain name. 

If you want to set up a business or want to sell any product or service then focus your mind on a business name just like Amazon, Clickbank, Paypal, and many successful names. 

The personal name is only working fine with Blogging and Personal use, You will need to focus on writing quality content on a regular basis to get more organic traffic. You can also read one of my posts regarding quality content from this blog. After updating content and keywords, you will start getting organic visits to your blog and this is a very great conversion.

I personally recommend you to use the name as per your niche or market because the personal name did not work better for me in the past. I have purchased a domain name with the name "" and after some time I realize that I have made a mistake by purchasing it and then I have purchased my new domain name with the name of "Hindgovtjobs" as per my niche and category. This is working fine for me.

But this is only my personal opinion and I can not give you any advice about choosing your domain name. You can choose your domain name as per your ability of writing content and your specific market. 

Try to add keywords in your domain name. This will works much better for a website owner or blogger because keywords targeted domain name get listed in search engine fast and you don't need to face any kind of trouble. You can choose keywords as per your market or niche category. After buying domain name from the company, you can also buy hosting package with Wordpress or Blogger hosting and start performing as a Blogger.

You can also use tags for your domain name, This is also a good idea for new bloggers and works good. Custome tags are very useful for SEO.

You can buy domain from any company like Godaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, Bluehost etc. but before buying any plan compare all plans and hosting package then buy any plan or hosting pack for your Blogging work. Most of the people makes mistake in buying domain name and then they are unable to undo it. If you have buy domain name belongs to your personal name and now you  are feeling that it's not working well then you can redirect your domain name to your new one and your all traffic will be same. You will not lose your traffic and customers as well.

Working on Domain requires lots of work and efforts. New bloggers need to invest much more time to learn about domain buying and other SEO related guides properly.


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