What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money With It: 2020-21


Affiliate Marketing is a good way to make money online and anyone can start it and make money from it.  There are lots of Affiliates, who are making good money by promoting affiliate products or services part-time or full time.

There are many Affiliate Companies available in the market and their payout rate is different as per the country and other specifications. You can find out their reviews and other payout related things on Google and start promoting them.

I have personally started my work as an affiliate marketer with Clickbank and still it's paying very well and on the time. They pay on weekly basis after meeting the minimum payment threshold as per their policies. You can search for the product or service as per your niche or market and then promote it in different ways.

You can promote Clickbank products or services through free classified, organic visitors, leaving your affiliate link as a guest author in many free article submission directors such as Ezinearticles and many other directories. 

You can also promote your affiliate link on social media accounts if you have a good number of followers or fans. You can even promote it in different social media groups that are relevant to your niche or market. Social media traffic or visitors convert very low and mostly good for Google Adsense but you can also use it for Affiliate Marketing.

Organic or Search Engine Traffic is very convertible for Affiliate Marketing. So, try to focus on SEO for a better conversion rate and if you don't have proper knowledge of SEO then you can learn it from various websites just like Shoutmeloud about the SEO and apply it to your website or blog for better ranking. The more better rank you will get in Google Search Pages, The more better traffic you will get per day on your blog/site.

Traffic and Content is the most important part for any website or blog, Without having it there is no use of having blog or site on the internet. Google loves organic or original written content, if any duplicate content found on your website or blog then your rank will automatically decrease and you will lost your visitors.

In the present time, There is lot of competition on SEO, Social Media and on other promotion tools. Everyone wants to make money online and want to achieve good rank in Google search. You will find lots of users already posting lots of content in Social Media for getting traffic to their page.

Backlink plays a very important role in the SEO for getting traffic. You can also use it to bring traffic to your site or blog. All you need to do is place comments on those pages, which has good rank in Google and link it to your site or blog. This will improve your pagerank and you will achieve more better rank in Google. 

Some affiliates earn more then $1000 per month and they are from India just like Harsh Agarwal, You may be the next to earn like him. If you still have any query or confusion then you can join many online forums like Digital Point and Warriors forum to communicate with other users for more knowledge about it.

If you are a beginner then you will need to work hard to start earning money in affiliate marketing, after gaining some knowledge in it you will start earning money from it because the biggest thing is passion. it's all about how much you are dedicated to affiliate marketing and blogging. If you really love to write on many topics and want to earn money online by working as a blogger or affiliate then you will surely success one day in it.

If you are a newbie then you can start with free blogging like Blogger, after earning some money from it you can buy your custom domain name and use the free blogging of Blogger or purchase a hosting plan also for more better tools which you can get it from wordpress.

I have spend many years on the internet to start earning money from it and some of the months in the starting I did not earn a single penny but now i am making good money through affiliate programs just like Clickbank, Commission Junction etc. You can also find out many other program as per supported by your country.

Many people also spend lots of money on Google Adwords (PPC Advertising Network) but it's not a good idea to spend your time, money and effort in adwords. You will not earn like that and also lost your money by doing this and one more thing Adwords also don't support these kind of spam pages. So, before promoting like that, you will need to add some quality content into it.

Numerous clients additionally ask me that is Affiliate Marketing truly effective in India or not? then my answer is Yes, why not. If you have good knowledge of particular niche or market then you will sure make money from affiliate marketing. There is only one thing you will need to face, if your targeted market is India that Credit Card or Debit Card is used by very less numbers of peoples in India, So you will make less sales and you will need to focus on the countries which are Credit or Debit Card supported.

You can target any particular country or region by its niche or category and you can also find out this by many tools which are available on the internet. By targeting on the particular keywords which are country specified, you will start receiving traffic from the particular country and this will convert more better.

Some products or service pays good commission rate ( up to 75%), Some products or service also have recurring commission ratio which is also a great way to make money on monthly basis. There many affiliates, who earns monthly commission from these products or services.

Last tip, Update your substance on customary premise with high caliber and extraordinary substance. It will keep your rank better in Google and also keep engage your users for future. Add keywords, but don't add too much keywords to avoid keyword stuffing in your page.