What is Google Adsense? How to Earn Money From it: A Basic Guide

What is Google Adsense? How to Earn Money From it: A Basic Guide

What is Google Adsense? 

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online by working as a Blogger or Youtuber, Whichever is best for you. Google runs a program called "Adsense", Which pays website owners or Youtubers for displaying ads on their website/blog or video clips. Google Adsense is 100% free to join and anyone with Good content or Good Video Clips on Youtube can apply for an Adsense Account. After Getting the Approval, Google will start displaying ads on your blog/videos and whenever a user clicks on that, you will earn money for each valid click.

Is my website eligible for displaying Adsense ads?

There are lots of users already ask these questions regarding their site or channel on Youtube. Before start displaying ads on your blog or site/Video Channel, You must need to take approval from Google Adsense. You must have 15-20+ articles or posts in blog with good quality and no copyright/duplicate content issues and if you applying for your video channel then your videos must be created by you and don't copy any other user's video.

How much time Google Adsense takes to approve my application to start displaying ads?

Before start earning money from Adsense, You will need to approve your application in Google Adsense by submitting your website or blog. It will take one-two week to review any new application and if your blog is not against any kind of policy and also have quality content then you will get the approval for your blog/site to start displaying ads. Then you can choose the ads format as per your blog's format and Google Adsense will start displaying ads.

How much money I'll earn on every click?

Google Adsense basically pays on every valid click you will get on your Blog/Site. But, there is no fixed amount for every click you receive on your Blog. It's different for every location, user, and many other factors like the market/niche you have chosen for your Blog/Website. Some niche like Loan, Insurance, and Financial Products or Service has good CPC and while others have low CPC. 

What is the minimum age limit for the Google Adsense program?

Participants minimum age should be 18 years old and if they are below 18 years then he/she need to use their parents account for receiving payments. 

Is Google Adsense a Lifetime Work or Stable Job?

Many users ask me that can we shut down our full-time job and rely upon Google Adsense for our lifetime revenue. So, if you have a good knowledge regarding blogging or Youtube (Making Videos and Uploading them) then you can make it your lifetime income source and many of the blog owners like Harsh have already made good income through it. 

What is the best Traffic Source for Google Adsense?

Traffic is very important for Google Adsense and it's must be unique and legal. If you use a proxy or any other software for getting traffic to your site or blog then it's against the policy of Google and your account will be disapproved by them. Lots of publisher make this mistake and lost their account and once you will be lost your account in disapproval then you will not be able to make a new one again. 

In my opinion, the best traffic for Google Adsense enables blog is organic/search engine. You will get good CPC and high RPM through search engine visitors and after that, you can also try social media traffic for good number of followers enable account.

Is Google Adsense only pays for per click or view also?

Many new users don’t have the proper knowledge regarding the CPC and per view earning. You will make money in Google Adsense from both CPC and Per View also. The only difference is that, the earning you will make from every view is very low and CPC earning is good. So, If you have good CPC value with Good CTR (Click Through Ratio) then your earning will be good in adsense.

Can we buy or purchase traffic to gain more earning from Adsense?

Many users purchase paid traffic through many sites like Seoclerks, Fiverr and many others and that’s the main reason of disabling their account because Google don’t like paid traffic. They want organic traffic which is best for every website or blog. So if you want to keep your account safe and in good position then you will need to focus upon the organic traffic/social media traffic.

How much you can earn every month from Google Adsense?

Sky is limit but there is no limit from earning with Google Adsense. Everything depends upon your ability and the time you will give to your work in Google Adsense. If you are really dedicated to make money online through blogging then you can easily earn up to Rs.30,000+ monthly or more as per your knowledge in the relevant niche or market.

What are the payment methods of Google Adsense?

In the beginning, there are lots of users who are unknown about the payment method provided by Google Adsense. Adsense support EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) and Wire Transfer. User can choose the payment method option as per their choice and convince. The minimum payment threshold is $100 and they pays on monthly basis.

 For a fresh blogger, it’s take some time to start earning some good money from adsense but when you spend more then 2-3 months with daily effort then you can start earning and you will also gain the experience for future, which is very useful.

When I have started in Google Adsense as a beginner, I spend more than 5 months and after that I started earning money as a regular basis. I am still learning lots more new things everyday and spend more then 4-6 hours every day on adsense.

If your English is not good then you can also start your blog or website in Hindi language also. There are lots of successful website or blog available on the net which are earning money from adsense through Hindi content.

Google Adsense provides you the comfort to make money from home without any boss or limited time. All you need to do is update your blog with fresh and new content to make it useable for every user. This will give you double benefits, Organic traffic and earnings from Google Adsense.

Never copy any other blog’s content or video for your professional use because Google will easily catch it and this will be very harmful your account. So, to keep your account safe always write original self written content.

Always remember, use Ping service only when your blog has something new for Google to index. Never use Ping service too much within a single day. You can use Pingomatic, Ping.in and many other Ping tools for your content to be index by Google.

So, these are some basic question and answer regarding Google Adsense which every new publisher has in their minds. I will update more unique tips in my next post.