Working as a Freelancer and Earning Money Online

Hello guys, in my today’s post I will discuss about some unique information about making money from freelancer by working as part time or full time from your home or office. There are many project available on Freelancer, Which are easy and a few of them difficult also. It’s totally depends upon your ability and experience in the particular field. When you gain more experience and positive reviews of your clients then you'll start getting more projects and you'll be selected frequently due to your rating.

Keep one thing in your mind, If you want to make regular income from Freelancer then you will need to work hard in the beginning and this will give you positive feedback and experience also. Freelancer is the only way for talented professionals to make money online through various ways from the comfort of their home. You can ‘Bid’ on your favorite project as per your ability and before bidding read the project details carefully.

Sometimes, new user bid very low for getting project and when they selected for the project they find it very hard to complete then they leave the project or ask the employer to increase it and this makes their rating very low and also they get negative review from employer and this is very bad for a new freelancer.

Freelancer projects are good way to make money by submitting them on the time. If you will delay in any project then you will need to face the problem. So make your reviews more positive and complete your projects within the given deadline for better rate and keep your future earning safe for all time.
You can withdraw your earning of Freelancer account directly into your bank account, Paypal or Wire Transfer as per the facility of your region you are living. Many users select bank account transfer option in India and for international payment Wire Transfer. Now as per the govt rules, Freelancers also need to submit their GST details to receive payment from the employers.

When I have started my work with Freelancer, I bid very low amount to achieve any project and when I selected for that bid employer provide me details of their work and that’s was very hard. After spending some time with Freelancer projects, I realize that I am making mistakes when bidding on projects. Now I only bid on the project which I can complete within the deadline and as per the amount which I used for biding.

Every employer wants genuine work and that’s why they choose Freelancer for their work. When they get quality work, they provide high rank with positive review and if they did not like the work format then they will also give you the negative ranking and negative feedback also.
If you have simple typing skill then you can also make money by completing simple typing based projects, copywriting, pdf to word conversion, writing blog posts or articles and lots more work related to articles writing and typing.

If you have other skills like HTML, JAVA, Programming, Website designing, SEO, Backlinks, PPC Advertising and Other Relevant Skill then it’s really great to make money from Freelancer through various ways.

I will advise you to keep learning always a new thing through Google or any other source to make yourself updated for any new projects. This will help you a lot in completing a project and you can also use it for your future reference also. There are lots of freelancer’s who already take lots of help from Google and they complete the project before the deadline.

Any new freelancer got to work on numerous projects to form their identity visible better on any spot of freelancer. When you will become expert and get good rank then you will be selected more frequently than other user.

Freelancer is the global platform of more than 3 crore professional, which interact with each other to work on different projects. Freelancer may be a safe platform to deposit the fund for employers and also same for worker because through the ‘Milestone’ payment both parties get secured that their money is covered by Freelancer and when the worker or Freelancer complete the work Employer can release the fund easily. So, there is no fraud or cheating for any of the parties. If worker don’t work properly after creating up the ‘Milestone’ then Employer can also place a ‘Dispute’ to take their payment back into their account.

If you work through Freelancer than you will get lots of benefits like working from home and you can also make it your full time career. Many Freelancers also working as full time and they already quit their day job and now they are only working on Freelancer as a Full Time Worker.

To make your profile more attractive, you will also need some logos, showcase of your work and a impressible description about yourself. This will make a great image in Employer’s mind to hire you easily. Whenever any employer start chatting with you, Keep your conversation very good and in proper form to make them impress, as you already know “First impression is the last impression”.

Use some common words in conversation like how are you, Thank You, Good, Sure etc. This will make a good image in employer mind. Don’t ask regarding payout or payment in the beginning, Ask this question in the last when everything is final.

You can also make your own website or blog and make some posts into it to showcase it to the Employer. You can include your name, age, qualification, hobbies, profession, works you like most and your previous experience. You can add this link to your profile page to make it more attractive.

Social media platform is very popular nowadays and you can also use the same for your promotion and other activities and also make the page regarding your professional introduction like your passion, skills and this FB or Twitter page will also show your total number of fans or followers.

Don’t use your contact number or Whatsapp number to communicate with Employer because this is against the policy of Freelancer and this will disable your account. So, to keep your account safe and without any penalty you will need to avoid these words whenever you will communicate to the employer on the Freelancer Platform.

When you will start earning some money in Freelancer, You can also upgrade your account for more better earning. Currently Freelancer also available on Google Play Store, So if you have android phone then that’s great and you can also download it from Playstore and check your basic things like messages, update and many other things directly from phone.

So guys, these are some basic info and update regarding the Freelancer work. I will update some more updates in my next posts and try to cover out the topics which have be not covered in this post.