Writing Content for Good CPC Rate in Google Adsense: 2020-21

Hello guys, I have written lots of article or posts about Google Adsense to make money online and it’s truly the best way to earn good income as part time or full time. Content has a very important place within Adsense earning and every new and advance bloggers already know about this fact. If you have high quality content with good number of keywords then you will earn good money in Google Adsense.

CPC (Cost per Click) rate is different for every blog or website. It’s depending on the content, keywords and most important thing the niche or market you choose for your blog. Some niche or market as I mention before in my previous posts offers good CPC, For example- Loans, Mortgage, Finance etc. and some pays low CPC.

One more factor, which is involved in the CPC is ad placement. CPC rate also depends upon the ad placement you choose for your ads in the blog or website. Sometimes adding too many ads in the blog decrease you’re earning and sometime it will increase your earning. So, you will need to make the experiment by yourself to check which one will be better for you.

For the beginners, CPC rate is mostly low because their market value has low and after getting the traffic and clicks as per the conversion of advertiser’s product or service, your CPC will be increase or decrease in the future. You will need to work hard on your blog or website to improve your starting earning.

Don’t use proxy or bots for Google Adsense. Because, it’s very risky for your account and this may result in disable of the account in the future. You will need to keep yourself updated with any kind of new rules and policy released by Google adsense. You can check them in notification center, Google Adsense support forum or directly in your mail box.

You can also improve your knowledge regarding CPC through various other forums like Digital point forum, warrior forum and many other blogs like shoutmeloud. These blogs and forums provide great knowledge regarding Google Adsense and latest updates also. You can also make your own post, if you have any kind of doubt or query in your mind related to CPC.

When I have started out in adsense, I don’t have any kind of knowledge regarding content marketing, CPC, CTR, getting traffic from search engines and much other stuff which is required for Adsense but now I have good knowledge regarding blogging, SEO and many other things which is compulsory to make money in Google Adsense.

There are lots of bloggers, who are making good money through adsense by good CPC rate. Always remember that low CTR is good for any adsense account to make most of the revenue because if you have high CTR then it’s very risky for your account and your CPC will also decrease.

Add relevant images to your content to make it more attractive for users coming to your website or blog, so they can spend more time on your blog and you will get better CPC. A good impressible site provides good user value for better CTR and CPC also.

Try to update minimum 2-3 posts everyday on your blog to keep it fresh and alive. You can write on any topic but try to write around the topics which your blog is basically had. Add search engine friendly and easy to navigate content for every user find it very easy when they visit your site or blog.

Use basically 3 ad formats for your blog or website. Use blue link color and black text color for ad description to make them looks like a part of your blog or website. Blending ads with your blog theme makes it more attractive to the users or visitors, which are visiting your blog or site.

Use self written content for good CPC rate in your own blog or website. You can use free hosting from blogger and purchase domain from other third party such as GoDaddy, BigRock etc. if you want to use advance hosting features just like WordPress then you can purchase hosting service also.

WordPress has lots of feature like user friendly themes, lots of search engine related tools to make you more comfortable for increasing your adsense CPC value. As soon your blog become older and you will start getting more traffic per day then your CPC will be increase and your earning will also increase.

All you need to do is work hard with full dedication to your blog or website for increasing the CPC and CTR value. When you will start getting good result, you can continue to write more posts and update your blog as fast as possible. Add good number of backlinks everyday to make the credibility of your website or blog at the top of Google or other search engines.

Good creditibilty or Page Rank means good CPC value and also that’s better for your website or blog in the future to keep getting visitors. Some bloggers receive up to one thousand or more visitors per day and they have good rank in Google. That is the reason of their good CPC and great earning. If you want to achieve the goal like them also then you will need to follow their footprints to start earning good income from Google Adsense.

Lots of bloggers working in Google Adsense as their full time job and they have already quit their regular job to keep working in Google Adsense. They are now earning more than their regular job from Google Adsense. You can start the work in Google Adsense as part time or full time as per your condition and when you start earning money from it, you can choose it as your full time work.

Finally these are some of the basic tips and tricks to improve your Google CPC and make the most from your adsense account and achieve good success.


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