Earning Money by Starting Your Own Blog in 2021

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online and there are lots of people on the net who are making good income through blogging. To start earning money from Blogging, first you will need to buy a domain name and after that you will need a hosting package.

After setting up the domain name and hosting, you will need to choose your market to write content in your blog. Always choose the niche/market which is easy for you to write and have less competition.

Now, let’s come to the final but main part of the blogging. You will need to update the content in your blog on regular basis. Depending upon your niche or market, you will need to write minimum 3-4 or more posts daily.

All posts should be original and self written. Using copyright content is against the rules of SEO and if you want to earn money through blogging (by Google Adsense/Affiliate Marketing and many more) then it’s also not safe for your blogging carrier.

Now, you will ask how you can make money from Blogging. Then, here is the answer for it, After getting the good number of posts in your blog and when your blog will start getting good number of visitors every day. You can apply for Google Adsense.

After getting the approval from Adsense Team, Your blog will start displaying ads and you will get paid for each valid click. You will need to strictly follow the rules and conditions of Google Adsense, Which is given in Adsense Help section also.

If you are getting problem for the approval in Adsense then you can also try Affiliate Marketing, Which is also a great way to make money online by selling digital products and services through Blogging (by displaying their ads) or directly by link.

If you have your own service or product then you can also promote it through Blogging. Many big bloggers already follow this rule, they display small advertising networks in the starting and when they become popular, they start displaying their own ads/services.