Is Cryptocurrency going to Ban in India- Check Out the Latest Updates

Hello Friends,

As you know, presently there are lots of people investing in the market by different methods and one of the famous way to invest money is Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency. But now the government is going to take serious action to ban private Cryptocurrency from the market. 

So, now many peoples are thinking that why government wants to ban Cryptocurrency. Here are some of the reasons regarding the ban of Cryptocurrency in the future-

In Cryptocurrency, A network of computers use for transactions through the Cryptography technique. In this Cryptography technique, the identity of the users remains invisible. There are many Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin available in the market.

Government also wants to take the income generated from Cryptocurrency Trading under Tax to stop wrong uses of Cryptocurrency Trading.

From next year, government will make lots of changes in Cryptocurrency Trading and private Cryptocurrency may be ban in the nearby future also.