How to Apply for E Shramik Card and it's Benefits

CM of Uttar Pradesh has transferred Rs.1000 in 1.50 Crore E Sharam Card holders. This is the installment of January and February (Rs.500/month). CM has also cleared that a total of 3.85 Crore Labours or Shramik will be added to this scheme. 

UP Government will provide Rs.500/month from January to April as Maintenance Allowances or Bharan Poshan Bhatta. Registered and Unorganized candidates have been added to this scheme. First Installment is sent to the candidates, which account is verified and other payments will be sent as soon as their account will be verified by the department.

If any candidates want to make their E Sharam Card or Labour Card, then He/She can register directly on this link by- Click Here

Candidates need to enter their Aadhar Card Details and Bank Account Details for getting the benefit of this scheme. Aadhar card must be linked to the candidate's mobile number for verification purposes.

Candidates can use Bank Account or Indian Post Office Account for Receiving the Payments.