Central Govt has Doubled the Pay Scale of MGNREGA Lokpal 2022

Central Government has doubled the pay scale of MGNREGA Lokpal on every sitting. The government has also provided rules and guidelines again to provide better support. Lokpal was getting Rs.1000 on every sitting and a maximum of Rs.20,000/month and now the government has just doubled it.

Now MGNREGA Lokpal will get Rs.2250 on every sitting and a maximum of Rs.45,000/month. They will also get Official Support, Computer Operator, Complaint Box and Telephone Support also. If they are required then Government will also provide legal support also.

MGNREGA Lokpal will not have more power and they can take decisions from their own ability. They will need to give the decision within 30 days of getting the complaint. The government also making more changes for MGNREGA Lokpal for their better future.