3.77 Lakh Cook and 27 Thousands Part Time Instructors Monthly Salary Increased, Latest Updates 2022-23

UP Government has increased the pay scale of 27,555 part-time instructors working in upper primary schools operated by the Basic Education Council and 3,77,520 Cook, which are making Mid-day meal (MDM) in Government/ Council/ Aided Upper Primary Schools/ Colleges.

An increment of Rs.2000/month has been made in the salary of Part-Time Instructor and Rs.500/month for Cook. For every academic session, Rs.500/- will be sent directly to the bank account of Cook for the dress (Saree for female candidates and paint shirt for male candidates).

Basic Education Council has brought this proposal in front of the UP Government and it has been approved. Currently, Part-Time Instructors are getting Rs.7000 per month and now they will get Rs.9000 per month and Cooks are getting Rs.1500 per month and now they will get Rs.2000 per month.

UP Government has accepted the requirement of cook for the dress and this decision will make an extra 268.26 Crore burden upon the government.

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