List of Eligible Courses for Group C Government Jobs in Uttar Pradesh, Check Latest Updates 2022-23

UP Government has updated the list of Computer Courses/ Diploma required for Group C Posts. For new recruitment, these courses will be eligible. There are a total of 28 courses, which are authorized by the state government for new vacancies.

List of authorized courses for new vacancies in Uttar Pradesh

DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)
Diploma in Office Automation & Publishing
Diploma in Office Management Application
Advance Diploma in Computer
Advance Diploma in Computer Application
Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware
Advance Diploma in Computer Programming
Diploma in IT (01 year from UPDESCO)

These are the basic list of computer courses, which will be eligible for new vacancies in the UP. These courses will be valid for Computer Operator, Assistant Review Officer and Other Similar Posts.