प्रधानमंत्री गरीब कल्याण अन्न योजना (PMGKAY) Latest Update 2022-23, Wheat will not be given from next month

The central government has reduced the quota of wheat in प्रधानमंत्री गरीब कल्याण अन्न योजना (PMGKAY) and now the candidates will get the Rice on behalf of Wheat. These changes will be applied from June 2022. There will be no changes in the distribution of State Government, These changes only apply to central government schemes.

In this scheme, Ration Cardholders are getting free ration from government shops. In this scheme, every cardholder gets 3 kg wheat and 2 kg rice per unit. In many states, the wheat distribution quota is going to be closed or reduced as per the requirement and UP is also included in this.

It is believed that this time the production of wheat in the country has decreased. Simultaneously, the central government is preparing to export wheat. Globally, both its price and demand are going well. In such a situation, the preparation of the government is to give rice instead of wheat in Uttar Pradesh.

Minimum Purchase at Government Purchasing Centers: Currently, there is very low purchase at government purchasing centers and this is also a common factor of government is now give rice in the place of wheat.