Latest GST Rates List in 2022 on Different Products & Services

latest GST rates lists

As per the decision of the GST Council, many food products rate will be changed due to the new GST rate. For more details, please check the given below post-

New GST Rate- 18%

LED Lamp, Light and Fixture, Metal Printed Circuit Board.

Printing/ Drawing Ink, Paper Cutter, Knife, Pencil Sharpner, Spoon.

All Instruments of Drawing & Marking.

Water Pump, Deep Tubewell Turbine Pump, Submersible Pump.

Eggs, Fruits, Cleaning of all agriculture products, Grading, Grinding Machinery.

All contractual works of Roads, Pool, Railway, Metro and Crematorium.

Seeds, Grains, Cleaning of Pulses, Sorting, Grading and Grinding.

Solar Water Heater and leather products.

New GST Rate- 12%

Carriage of goods by truck

New GST Rate- 5%

Products related to surgery, Ropeway traveling.