10 Most Interesting & Amazing Facts About Internet Worldwide

Internet is now very common around the globe and almost everyone is using it, but do you know some of the most interesting and amazing facts about the internet. In this post, we'll discuss about them and also share some of the most amazing updates regarding 5G Internet.

1. In this 5G Internet Time, our India's 4G Internet is 2 Times Slower than other Countries. Mobile Internet Speed worldwide is 30.37 MBPS and 14.28 MBPS in India. Norway's Internet Speed is very High, which is 129.40 MBPS and Venezuela's Internet Speed is very Low, which is 4.98 MBPS. Fixed internet connection speed in India is 48 MBPS and 65 MBPS Worldwide.

2. Females use more mobile internet compared to Males in India.

3. In India, 97% of people are watching content on OTT.

4. Currently, 35% of people are afraid of Data Stolen problems when using the internet.

5. Most of the internet is used for searching the information, which is 60%. For friendship and contact relatives is 55%. For watching TV, Movies, Videos, etc. is 51% and 50% is used for watching learning videos. 

6. Worldwide every user spends approx 6:49 Hrs on the internet and 6:50 Hrs in India. 16-24 yrs females use most of the Internet, which is 7:54 Hrs and the minimum time is spend by the male candidates of 55-64 yrs, which is 5:26 Hrs.

7. Worldwide, 82% of people play Online Games and 92% in India.

8. Worldwide, 12% of people use Crypto Currency Online and 17% in India.

9. Currently, 59% of the time is spend over the internet and India is on 4th Rank in 48 Countries.

10.  Worldwide, 26% of people is search for symptoms of diseases online and 30% in India.