Arms Agent Business in America, Sold Weapons of More than Rs.250 Crore

Due to Gun Culture and Shooting events in America, Normal people are also participated in Gun Business. Drivers to Doctors are selling weapons and playing important role of broker in this business. That's the reason, Ukraine got Rocket, Grained and other weapons of 3 Crore Dollars easily.

This business is working in more than 7 countries. In America, it's legal to sell weapons by becoming a Agent. Defence Ministry of Ukraine has recently released a statement that they has recieved propsol for buying weapons from America, Bulgaria and Bosnia.   

Joe Biden Government Department has recently found out that in the four months of finanical year 2022, private agents of America sold 3 Crore Dollars Weapons to Ukraine. In the last financial year, 1.5 Crore Dollars Weapons has been sold out. 

Researcher and Experts suggest that this will make a great effect upon the security because terrorist can also use this facility to buy weapons using black market.