NRI will send Rs.24.7 Thousand Crores on India Giving Day in India

Peoples staying in America has started a new mission. 14 non-profit organization groups, which is India Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) will celebrate India Giving Day on every 2 March. On this day, the organization will collect cash for giving donations in India to support poor people and improve technology and development related works.

IPA collects one billion dollars every year but now they will collect 3 billion dollars, which is equal to Rs.24.7 Thousand Crore. This fund will be given basically for poverty and hunger problems in India.

IPA has taken this decision On 2 Oct 2022 in a function of M.K. Gandhi Jayanti in Washington to celebrate India Giving Day. For this, IPA will add NRIs before 2 March and run a special campaign to collect the money. 

This will also improve the relationship between India and America. According to Deepak Raj (Head of IPA), India has completed only 75 yrs after its Independence, so there is much more remaining to complete. Depending on the Government is not a good way, every Indian should give a small part of his income for the development of the country.