More then 6.5 Crore Job Opportunity in the Field of Digital Marketing from 2023-25

There are lots of candidates in India, who has an engineering degree or diploma but due to being unknown in the field of digital marketing, they are unable to get a high salary job. If candidates complete their Digital Marketing Courses in Basic and Advance, they will easily get the job. Here are the top 6 areas for getting a job by becoming skillful in Digital Marketing-

1. SEO Expert- These are the professionals, who work hard to rank high a blog/website in search engines like Google. The starting salary of SEO Experts is Rs.25,000/month.

2. Social Media Manager- These are the professionals, who handle the Social Media accounts of any company and the starting salary of Social Media Managers is Rs.25,000/month.

3. Content Marketer- They decide, which type of content to publish on any website or blog. The starting salary of Content Marketers is Rs.55,000/month.

4. PPC Expert- These experts work on the Ad Campaign of any brand or product to reach out to the targeted audience through mobile/laptop. The starting salary of PPC Experts is Rs.31,000/month.

5. E-Mail Marketer- Their work is to advertise any product/service to the customers through advertisements, posters, surveys, etc. Their starting salary is Rs.33,000/month.

6. Graphic Designer- These experts promote the brand/service/product of any company through image. Their yearly pay scale is Rs.3 to 6 lakh.