Gold First Time Cross Rs.70,000/- Rate in the Indian History, Check Out Latest Updates

Due to the heavy economic signals, the Gold has crossed the rate of Rs.70,000/-. According to the HDFC Securities, After the increment of Rs.850/- On Thursday Gold (24 Karat) is closed on Rs.70,050/- and this happened first time in Indian History. In the International Market, after the increment of $22 Gold is closed on Rs.2297 per ounce.

Due to the downfall of Dollar, Gold is getting this kind of rate. Silver also achieving good rate in both markets, domestic and international. 

Investors are getting good returns in Gold, who invest their money in Gold and this is also a positive signal for the investors to make good income from it and also make a secure investment decision.

Many experts also say that this happens due to many impacts upon the market and Sensex also achieving good rate but Sensex is not stable and Gold is a wise decision for investment purposes. More updates will be released soon. Keep checking the blog.