Can You Still Make Money from Google Adsense in 2024? Check Out the Latest Tips & Tricks

Latest Adsense Tips 2024

There are lots of people, who asked me about this question that there revenue is going down and some of them are new who wants to ask that can we make good income from Adsense? First of all, there is no changes in Adsense earning and peoples who already working with it from long time are still making good income.

Now come to the another point, peoples or bloggers who are saying that there revenue is going down day by day then it's due to new updates and poor quality content, backlinks and other similar factors. Many bloggers don't have sufficient knowledge about Adsense Auto Ads also.

If you really want to make money from Adsense then you'll need to focus on some of the important factors, which are-

1. Unique and Quality Content
2. Important Backlinks
3. Good PageSpeed
4. Use Best Adsense Ads Placement as per the Heatmap or Adsense Auto Ads Setting
5. Try to use Less Ads if you want to Maintain a Good User Experience.
6. Don't use Social Media Traffic because its quality is very low.
7. Keep Updating Your Blog on a Regular Basis to Maintain a Good User Experience.