Best Guide for Newbie Bloggers 2021

If you are choosing to become a blogger, you are in right place to go on before you start.

There are numerous bloggers all over the world but some of them use the best strategies to become a brand of their blogging. They make more money when comparing to normal bloggers and it’s all about the strategy they work around. Here we are presenting you with the best ever strategy to become an expert blogger and turn your free time into profit.

·         Strong Foundation -Always pay attention to build a strong foundation in blogging. Be specific and dedicated to writing. You will need to be very focus and clear about writing any topic, which depends upon your niche or market. Don’t write any other thing in one specific post, because this will be very harmful for your blog and your readers may stop coming to your blog. Your rank may also decrease in Google and this will make a huge impact on your traffic also. As you already know, organic traffic is very important for any blog to make money from Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate or any other particular way to make money online through blogging. So, don’t make this mistake and be concentrate on your topic always.

·         Honesty- Be honest to yourself then you can write honestly with all the genuine efforts from your heart. Don’t copy any other professional or blog’s content for your own purpose, This will decrease your search rank and also your page rank will be down. You will also notice a great change in your Alexa rank and that’s all happen with content guidelines, so before writing content be original, unique and honest. This will give your blog a new achievement in traffic, page rank and Alexa also.

·         Focused & Dedicated- Stay focused and dedicated to blogging, pay more attention to writing and it is sure that you can taste the success of your blog. Whenever you choose any topic for writing, always focus on the content which is easy for you and you also have the good knowledge in the specific field. Before writing for any topic or market, always gain more knowledge about it and this will give you more flexibility in writing the content for your blog or website. When I write any unique post or article for my blog, I always gain and find out more knowledge about it than I start writing about the topic and that’s help me a lot for my blogging carrier which I love most.

·         Daily Practice- Practice more, the more you write the better you become best at blogging. Be creative at producing unique blog content as it attracts Google. As you know “Practice makes a man perfect” and this rule apply for blogging carrier also. If you will do regular practice and update the content daily, add backlinks and other SEO related work than this will sure help you to maximize your blogging earning. You will learn SEO easily by daily practice and visiting best knowledgeable websites such as Shoutmeloud and many other sites.

·         Niche Based Website- It’s one of the most common mistakes people do, try to do blogging on your blog related niche based websites as it helps you to grab the best view rate. Make your blog target to one niche or market. This is very helpful for your regular visitors and you also. You can easily write on a specific topic and your visitors will also find it easy to get the knowledge relevant to the one specific field or niche. If you add different niche in one website or blog than it will make your site like a junk and any kind of visitor will get confused on such website. So, be careful and don’t do this mistake.

·         Grammar mistakes & Copy Content- Be careful when it comes to grammatical mistakes as they create a bad user experience and also try to avoid copying and create your own content. There are many bloggers, who made this mistake regarding grammar and sentence. If you want to be a good blogger than you will need to make your sentence error free or you can also correct them in MS word before publishing them online.

·         Don’t add too much Ads- Many new bloggers made this mistake of adding too much ads in their website or blog. Adding too much advertisement in your blog or website make it looks like spam or junk. So, if you want to keep your website or blog simple and profession looking then keep fewer ads on your website or blog. If you are using Google adsense for your blog or website than you can also use auto ads feature for your blog or site and adsense will automatically handle all of the command for displaying ads.

·         Avoid too much images or videos- If you want to load your blog faster than you will need to minimize the use of images and videos clips or if you want to use images, video clips than you can reduce the size of images or videos clips in your blog post or article. This will make your blog to load faster on any platform.

·         Write fresh and Trending Posts- If you want to maintain visitors to blog through search engine than you will need to focus yourself on trending topics or fresh posts. Google love to rank fresh and unique information in their search engine and if it’s relevant to the same niche which your blog is belong also than you will get better result. You will need to keep yourself update through various trending topics and you can get these information from Google Trends, Quora, Newspaper and many websites that update Trending posts daily.

·         Write easy and user friendly language- If you want to get more traffic and want to keep any visitor for a long time on your blog or website than you will need to write user friendly and easy language content, so user can easily read out the information given on your website or blog. If any user read the information easily than he will remain for more time on your blog and spend more time on your blog. You will need to write frankly language, so user find it very useful.

Finally, we suggest you stick to Learn, Practice, Implement, and improving your blog writing. Keep updating your blog or website with unique and knowledgeable content to get better rank, traffic and success in blogging. Have a nice blogging and keep working.


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