Best Working Platform for Bloggers: A Great Learning Guide

If you want to earn money through Blogging then the biggest question, which will come to your mind will be, Which is the best, safe and easy platform for Blogging? This is the most common question, which generally comes into every new blogger's mind. In this post, I will help you to learn more regarding the best working blogging platform for you. I will describe some of the best and easy-to-use Blogging Platforms, which works great for both, newbie and advance. 

Every Blogging Platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, but here are some of the basic features which every Good Blogging Platform should have-:

  • Customize the theme as per your choice.
  • It also has the feature to add your own logo to the blog.
  • You can also add your Own Custom Domain Name.
  • Your Visitors or Users can easily Subscribe for Latest Updates.
  • One of the most important things, It allows Google Adsense Codes to display ads in your blog.
  • You can also have the option to share your content on Social Media Easily.
These are some of the most important features that you should know about the Blogging Platform before choosing any one of them. There are lots of free Blogging Platforms also available on the internet but if you want to make money through Blogging then you should choose it wisely. Many peoples make this mistake, first, they choose any kind of Blogging Platform, and later they regret their decision. So, You should be very careful before choosing your Blogging Platform.

You should also find a Blogging platform that is easy to manage and doesn't need too much coding because some users are not HTML friendly. They only have good content knowledge but they don't have proper knowledge about HTML, So it's very important to choose a Blogging Platform that requires fewer HTML Commands. 

The Blogging Platform you choose should provide you lots of design themes for your blog. It must offer lots of themes, which should be related to your niche and also easy to apply to your blog. Blog's theme is very important for any blogger for their visitors or users. 

Every Blogging Platforms provide lots of in-built extensions, Which makes it more advance and good looking. Without these tools and plugins, you will face many difficulties later because you will need to add them manually through HTML or JAVA.

Blogging Platforms should have good customer support also. If you need any kind of help regarding the blog then its support system must be good for any kind of issue or problem. There are lots of Blogging Platforms that did not solve their user's problems or issue they face and that's also a common problem for all new bloggers face at the starting of a new blog.

In the present time, Every person using Mobile for their basic works, and most of the Bloggers also doing their basic work from the mobile device. So your blog and blogging platform should be mobile friendly. This will be very beneficial for you when you are traveling or out of the home. This is not compulsory but also a good deal to write your basic content from your own mobile.I know it's not easy to write any kind of blog post through mobile but you can do various other things from your mobile like checking comments, emails, checking traffic details of your blog, and many other basic things.

One more thing about your Blogging Platform is that you should check how frequently your Blogging Platform is to update its Technology according to the new trends. For example, Past years back it's not required to have mobile-friendly sites or blogs but now every successful site or blog required mobile-friendly themes. Without a mobile-friendly look or design, you will lose lots of visitors or users who are coming to your site or blog through mobile devices.

Here is the list of Some of the Best Blogging Platforms as per the Customer's Review-:

3.) Blogger by Google
5.) Weebly

There are some more small blogging platforms also available online but as I mention above, these are the best hosting provider given above.

1.) and is one of the best blogging platforms in the online world and that's why I put it on the 1st number. It provides service for more than 35% of websites in the world. This shows the popularity of this online blogging platform. The most common reason for its popularity is they update their services regularly so users don't face any kind of problem. 

One of the best things about is any new bloggers can start working with it easily and quickly. There are thousands of themes available on WordPress that you can choose from. You can select any theme which matches your niche.

2.) Blogger by Google

For those, Who wants to start their Blogging business but don't have any amount or budget then they can try Blogger (Blogging Service Provided by Google) which is also a great Blogging Platforms and millions of Bloggers are already using it. One of the best thing about Blogspot Blogs are you can monetize your Adsense Account directly from your Blogger account.

Blogger also provides a good number of themes and easy to write content for new blog writers. If you don't have knowledge about HTML then you don't need to worry about that, You can simply write your blog posts and publish them directly.


Medium is also an awesome Blogging Platform for New and Advance Bloggers. If your passion is just about writing posts and you don't have too much interest in designing, creativity, or earning money then is best for you. has been started in 2012, Still running good. is best for reading and writing content online. They provide a free blogging platform with the Mobile version and lots of other features, Which you can know when you will start blogging with it only.

As I've mentioned earlier, is best for reading and writing purpose, you can not make a good income from it.

But for the Business Person and Blog Owners, Who just want to write for passion or write to hear their customer's or users' feedback about their service or blog. 

Blogging is best for making money online as part-time or full time and after getting some experience through reading other expert blogger's blogs you will get more ideas and you will love to write on different topics. As you know fresh content is like by all users from the internet and this will open up new opportunities for you to make lifetime income.

Traffic is very important for any blog or website, Without traffic there is no use in writing content or publishing it on regular basis. Traffic will come only when you write fresh and unique content without copying it from other blogs or websites. Because copyright content did not get any kind of rank in search engines and no organic traffic means no earning from Adsense.

So whenever you start your blog with a good blogging platform as per your choice and niche then pick your keywords carefully and also choose a domain name according to your niche. Don't use a different domain name, Use a niche-targeted domain name with good performing keywords. You can also check the SEO related post in my blog, Which is very useful for understanding the SEO methods.

Blogging is actually all about your lifestyle and your love for writing on different topics. The more passion you have for writing online, the more success you will gain through blogging. You can choose Google Adsense, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, or promote your own product through Blogging. These are the general ways to make money online through Blogging. There are lots more ways to make money with Blogging but you will need to discover them for yourself. 

There are more than hundreds of bloggers, who are making full-time income through blogging and they already quit their full-time job and now they are doing blogging as their full-time career to make money online. They are working from home and at this time (COVID-19), Working from home has lots of features.

So, These are some of the basic tips regarding selecting the best Blogging Platform for your blog. You can select the best platform according to your market and ability as per your budget. 


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