Air Force 90th Foundation Day, New Dress, Shoes and Branch Launch

Indian Air Force has celebrated its 90th Foundation Day on 8th Oct 2022 in Chandigarh. On Saturday, Air Force also get new Dress which is made of a special kind of fiber and Air Force's Operational Weapon Branch will be started also. This is happening first time after the independence of India.

Central Government has given permission to start a new branch. This will reduce the cost of Training and it will save approx Rs.3400 Crore. This branch will maintain every weapons available in Air Force. Specially, it will play an important role in preserving 4 kinds of weapons, which are land to land working weapons, land to air working missiles, Flight control with Remote and Team basis Flight and Weapons.

Vivek Ram Chaudhari, The Chief of the Air Staff of India has told that India is becoming Self-Independent by Make In India and we are becoming more powerful for any kind of situation in the future.

More than 80 Fighter Planes has shown their talent in the show. Rafale, HAL Tejas, HAL Prachand and many other Fighter Planes has shown their performance.

Facts about New Air Force Dress and Shoes

This is made of a special kind of fabric and it is very light and flexible.

Its digital camouflage can confuse the enemies easily.

Enemies can not identify the soldiers when they will walk in the Desert, on Rocks, in Water, on Ice and in the Forest.

Soldiers can easily dispose it. If soldiers get Trapped in the enemy's area then they can easily remove their dress and come in a civil dress or a T-shirt. This will help them to hide their identity.

The new shoes' color is Khaki and made with leather and clothes. All weather shoes are designed to walk in any type of way easily.